Bike Life portfolio If anybody depicted in any of the following images wishes to have an image removed in which they are portrayed please contact us through the 'Contact' page, explaining what image needs to be considered for removal and why. Many Thanks Castles of the UK portfolio I've always enjoyed wandering around the multitude of castles we have in the UK, but I suspect like most people I always seem to visit them when the weather is at its worst. However, rather than give up the idea of photographing them and then waiting for the sun to make an appearance I think its possible to achieve some very atmospheric images of these old structures even when the sky is less than ideal. Of course we all have a different opinion as to whether a photograph works or not, but for the images contained in this gallery i'll let you make up your own mind as to whether greys can be atmospheric or just plain dull.
Places portfolio This is the place for all those images that don't have any obvious gallery to fit into. Most of the images are from the UK and France, although over time I will add images from my journeys from further afield. Monochromes portfolio Monochrome and black & white photography is a subject area of the photographic discipline that is covered in many good publications, magazines and blogs from all over the world in varying depths of detail. There is nothing short of an information overload available on this subject if one digs deep enough. However, I have as yet to come across a single definition that suitably explains what makes a B&W photograph work that when seen in colour somehow makes it less aesthetically pleasing. There doesn't seem to be a universal answer to this, as everybody i've discussed this with has a different opinion as to why the shot works in B&W but doesn't in colour. So rather than try to justify why the images in this gallery are in monochrome and not colour, lets just say its because I feel they work better that way.
Portraits portfolio Id imagine every photographer at some point in their career has had to face the challenge of arranging, flattering and subsequently manoeuvring a less than amenable subject into position for a portrait shoot. Not an easy area of photography in my opinion, but the thought of arranging guests at a wedding reception for that group photo after a couple of snifters or dealing with subjects that don't really want to be their or the ultimate challenge the 'flake' is a prospect that many a seasoned photographer will shiver at. Most of us who've shot portraiture i'm sure have come across at least one of these challenges. In my experiences to date I've been very lucky, in that I don't have any disaster stories to regale regarding models, studios or backdrops. In my opinion, and I stress this is only my opinion, its all down to an attitude of trying to keep the shoot and workflow as relaxed and simple as possible, and I hope that shows in the images in this gallery