Below I have listed the links of organisations that are either major players in a given industry sector or in some cases smaller organisations that have been very understanding and patient with me in obtaining images while also offering a great day out if you feel the need to watch something just that little bit different.

Although this page is intended to be informative and helpful to the site visitor, if any organisation listed and linked to via this page objects to the linkback and wishes to have their link removed please contact us directly and we will be happy to delete the link as requested. LandFox photography does not claim to have any affiliation or direct association with any of the organisations mentioned on the links page. The link backs are purely added as an aid to the visitor for finding more relevant information on a subject of interest.

Events, fairs and showmen

A listing for performers, organisations and events that don't readily fall into any of the more core photographic areas LandFox photography works in.
CJ's Birds of Prey :
A father and daughter act that gives falconry displays at county shows as well as at corporate events.
War and Peace Revival show
This is the undisputed daddy of military vehicle shows across Europe and probably the globe. If military vehicle displays and re-enactments are your thing, this is an absolute must see.


Listing of some of the main and more interesting smaller organisations offering participation and viewing of their motorsport discipline.
Midwest Moto - Stourport
One of the friendliest main dealers I have come across. Nice range of bikes and always ready to do some sort of deal. If you like Indian motorcycles or trikes this is the place to be in the West Mids and Marches.

Modern Railways

Companies offering infrastructure, engineering or construction services to the rail network and rail operators engaged in passenger or freight transportation.
Chiltern Railways
A UK rail operating company.

Railway Preservation Societies

There are many railway preservation societies in the UK, and I will add more as a WIP.

Other non specified areas of interest

Bridgnorth Camera club
A local camera club with a friendly atmosphere, some real characters and a high standard of photography. In the area on a Thursday evening? definitely worth a visit.