Non motorised sports

There are some magnificent sports out there that don't require the use of an engine. The thrill of watching a team of two people on a cart plus two ponies negotiating an abstract course of coned gates at speed is as thrilling as anything you'll see with an engine. The sheer determination of some of the kayakers as they battle against rushing water tumbling through weir gates only to reach the top of the course, turn and then use the flow to navigate between a series of non linear gates at speed is a spectacle in itself. As yet unfinished the images of the fencer, whose speed, skill and slight of hand that the eye misses as a hit registers on the opponents body requires a skilful, subtle and minute flick of a thumb and wrist to deceive the unwitting opponent. So in some ways not as glamorous as the motorsport galleries I feel they offer the viewer something a bit different, a bit subtler and hopefully something that may appeal to them to go and watch for themselves.
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