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As you walk down the high street, flick through a catalogue or dump the latest load of unwanted junk mail into the nearest bin you're probably viewing a plethora of what's commonly termed STOCK images. These images exist in their millions with specialised agencies offering images to professional photo buyers and members of the public, under licence at incredibly low price points.

Not that long ago Stock used to be the preserve of a few large agencies, holding film negatives as their library resource. But with the rise of the internet and digital imaging the supply has risen and subsequently the phenomenon known as 'micro stock' has become the major mass market player. Micro stock agencies offer the photographer a chance to showcase their images to a worldwide audience with the ever present possibility that they will be picked up by a photo buyer and used for any multitude of possible uses.

Below are three examples from the LandFox stock libraries......Can you do better?

Getting Involved in the microstock revolution:

So if you're a photographer who has great images just sitting on your hard drive but would like to turn them into cash or maybe you're a designer looking for great ideas for your next project click on the links below to see the current LandFox portfolio that's made it onto some of the best micro stock agencies around. It's easy, follow the links, have a browse around the stock libraries image database and follow the directions on how to submit your images.

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