Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

All orders are placed with LandFox photography under the following terms and conditions. Please read the following T&C's carefully before placing an order with LandFox photography. If you do not agree with any of the following T&C's then please do not place any orders with LandFox photography, if you have any questions about the following T&C's please contact us through the contact form at http://www.landfox.co.uk/contact.html

All payments to be made in pounds sterling (GBP). Payment can be made via cheque or direct bank transfer. Details can be supplied on request.

Stock Image supply:

Images to be supplied via electronic transfer: Images will normally be supplied within 10 working days from receipt of order.

Images to be supplied via postal service: Images will normally be supplied on hard copy media (at additional cost of £1.00) via second class postal service - this is F.O.C. First class or recorded delivery can be arranged if requested at additional cost price.

*once ordered images have been dispatched either electronically or by postal service the order can no longer be cancelled or images returned and payment will be due as per conditions laid out below.

Outstanding payment is to be made within 15 working days on receipt of goods.

Charges will be applied to late payers, at the discretion of LandFox photography, under the late Payment of Commercial debt Regulations 2002. A minimum late payment compensation charge of £35.00 maybe applied for non payment of goods after 16 working days from receipt of goods.

If there are issues or errors with any supplied images notification outlining the problem must be made to LandFox photography within 8 working days from receipt of goods.

If there are errors with invoicing these must also be notified to LandFox photography with 8 working days from receipt of goods. All invoices will be sent directly to the individual or company contact that ordered the images from LandFox photography. If the invoice is required to be sent to anywhere other than the person ordering the goods this must be verified and agreed before images are supplied or work started in the case of commissioned work.

Commissioned Work:

A deposit of 10% is payable at time of order placement. Deposits are refundable up to 24hours before date of commission is due to start. If an order is cancelled any special requirements for the shoot incurring costs such as but not limited to, studio time, albums, specialised props are deductible from any deposit returns and maybe further charged if the deposit value does not cover these additional expenses. Additional expenses are fully itemised in any subsequent invoice and will be communicated to the customer before any order is placed directly with suppliers.

A clear brief will be requested before any commissioned work is accepted. This is to avoid confusion and friction at a later date over what imagery was requested, agreed and supplied.

Payment terms and late payment charges are applicable as per Image supply terms outlined above.

Ancillary Items:

LandFox photography does not directly participate or commission any third parties to act on its behalf in the activities of bulk emailing existing or potential customers.

A privacy and cookie policy page is directly clickable from the front page.

LandFox photography does not accept any liability for consequential loss. If your project is time critical and you require an image at very short notice we will endeavour to supply this as fast as possible, subject to other customer needs. We will also endeavour to ensure the image is suitably checked for marks and imperfections before dispatch, however errors happen so we recommend you check the image before use and report any problems immediately. We are happy to correct any errors reported but accept no responsibility for consequential loss related to image use thereafter.

Supplied images contain metadata relating to ownership and description of images. This must not be removed under any circumstances.

Indemnification issues:

Although LandFox photography will try to help identify the most suitable licence for the customers intended use for the proposed purchased image we are photographers and not lawyers. Therefore, although we are happy to help the customer in identifying the correct licence model we in no way accept any liability for any litigation that may arise through the use or misuse of any LandFox supplied images. We do however strongly advise that you take legal advise to ensure you obtain the correct licence model to suit your intended use of the purchased images. It is important that you obtain the correct licence model to avoid litigation from interested third parties at a later date. LandFox photography cannot be held responsible for the misuse of supplied images and suggest you contact a suitably qualified legal professional before using any purchased images.

To use images supplied by LandFox photography you must accept and agree to the following terms and conditions specific to indemnification of LandFox photography. LandFox photography will not be held responsible for the breach of any rights held by persons or objects now, in the past or in the future, depicted in or related to images supplied by LandFox photography. The use of images supplied by LandFox photography is implicit that you the customer agree to indemnify and defend LandFox photography against all and any liability that may include amongst others - damages, defamation , claims, any subsequent legal costs that may come about from the customer /user not obtaining suitable approvals resulting in infringement of intellectual property rights including but not limited to copyrighted buildings and commercial trademarks.

It is also incumbent upon the customer that you agree to indemnify and defend LandFox photography against all liabilities, claims, damages and any subsequent legal costs that maybe due to image usage giving rise to the infringement of, for example, intellectual property, invasion of privacy, trademarks and copyright designs. LandFox photography cannot be held responsible for the breach of any person or objects rights in any images supplied to the customer by LandFox photography.

It is the customers responsibility to secure the correct rights from property owners and persons depicted in any image supplied by LandFox photography, unless a suitable model or property release is already in the possession of LandFox photography. If such releases are required for commercial usage and LandFox photography already have them we shall be happy to supply a copy at cost of £1.00

If an image is licenced from LandFox photography for a given purpose and the correct approvals are obtained LandFox photography will not be held responsible for any subsequent use of that image when used in a different manner to which it was initially purchased. Secondary usage of images requires another licence from LandFox photography, failure to secure the second use licence can be construed as breach of copyright.

LandFox photography reserves the right to cancel an order (image supply or commission work) at any time we feel unable to supply the required imagery. If LandFox photography cancels an order any monies paid will be repaid in full. LandFox photography accepts no consequential losses arising from late or non delivery of images if an order is cancelled by LandFox photography.

Copyright of images is very important to LandFox photography as this is our business and securing images can be very expensive. We ask that all customers respect the copyright of our property and secure the correct licences for usage and come back to us if the intended usage changes. We are happy to discuss rate reductions for image reuse but take a dim view on blatant copyright infringement. It has now become quite common for photographers to chase down image infringers for compensation, which can prove very costly to the infringer. So please do not become an addition to that statistic, but talk to us if you wish to use one or more of our images.